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Product Spotlight: Yves Rocher Pomme Delice Apple Delight - 2/20/2013

Good evening Dolls!

Again, apologies for a 2 week blog hiatus. My last few months of stay in school would be and, is currently hell. Paper works here and there, orientations and seminars to and fro. It’s fun and exciting at the same time, mostly once we accomplish each requirement, but seriously, all I want is to cuddle and sleep all day in bed. Konting tiis nalang, motto ng graduating :)

Anyway, for sleepless nights and early call time days, my guilty pleasure is to soak and linger in bath. I usually buy bathing essentials like soaps, body washes, scrubs, etc. and use it depending on my mood or the my day’s itinerary. Thankfully, last January, my aunt gave me this set to add to my growing loot! :)

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Product Spotlight: Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion - 2/6/2013

Good evening girls!

Now it’s time to share my highlighted trusty lotion that I mentioned on my Kojie San Lightening soap review beforeAs I’ve told you, my skin gets a little dry on some days that I use the soap, so I’m looking out for ways to fight the continuous skin drying effect. I know I could just stop using the soap, but I love the effect it gives on my skin. The solution? Jergens Ultra Healing lotion :)

This variant of Jergens is for extra-dry skin and moisturizer with Vitamin 3. It penetrates through 5 layers of skin’s surface to start healing at the source. Well, for one, my skin wasn’t super dry, but it is dry. It looks scaly and white (if you know what I mean).

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{ Wild - Spirit }: Oh snap an awesome BLOGGER & GIVEAWAY!


My latest sponsor, Gia of Lovely Serendipity, has something cool and exciting exclusively for Wild-Spirit readers (yep, that’s right, YOU! I wish me, but, yeah just you guys!) and you’ll find out what it is later on… So read on. (Cool points for rhyming, YEAH!)

Gia Martinez is the blogger of


Product Spotlight: Glam works Nose Pore Strips - 2/1/2013

Good Evening Beauties!

As promised, I’ll try to post at least 2 beauty reviews this week, so here’s one! But before anything else, I’d like to thank everybody who joined and submitted their entries for our Pre Valentines giveaway. The response and the number of entries are so overwhelming and I’m wishing all of you good luck! :) For those of you who haven’t joined yet, go here and send your entries now :)

Now, I know most of us experiences clogged pores due to our surroundings, stress and most especially dirt. Even though our skin type varies, whether oily or dry, there’s a commonality between our main concerns, namely blackheads


As I was browsing rows and rows of products inside Watson’s, I noticed Glam works Nose Pore strips and instantly added this pack to my loot. Even though I clean my face everyday and every night, I still acquire blackheads/ impurities on my nose. 


As stated on the packaging, it removes blackheads and easily clean pores. Being a problematic skin conscious, I’ve decided to give it a try, because well, the box contains 12 strips for around 100 to 110 php (I think) only. Not bad, seriously. Plus, I want to remove my blackheads so bad that day since our graduation shoot will be held in a matter of time.

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Pre Graduation photo session - 1/27/2013

Good evening dolls!

I’m going to make this post super quick because my hands are full of tasks right now and I need to finish all of it for this week. Honestly, I’m beyond excited for graduation but the preparations are killing me. 

So thankfully, our pre- graduation shoot’s done (we still have one more to go) and I’m so thrilled to see the outcome! :) We were there around 8am, (yes, early birds) and finished before lunchtime. I won’t spill too much pictures so that there’s still room for surprises, but here’s a sneak peek!

Me and Karren after our shots

Can you guess their creative shots? :)

last photo’s my current DP on facebook. What ya think? :)

Please please bear with me and just stay tuned for more fashion and beauty related posts :) I promise I’d post at least 2 this week so be sure to drop by!

Good night loves :)

XO, B :>

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