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Every Size is Beautiful’s First Anniversary Giveaway! - 5/24/2013

Hello there readers!

As promised, and I know all of you anticipates this, here’s my First anniversary giveaway! This won’t be “that” grand but each piece are handpicked and chosen by yours truly ;)

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Cloudy - 11/4/2012

Hello readers! 

Almost every post I read tonight consists of every student’s rants of not wanting to go back to school tomorrow :) I feel the same too, because I think this would be my last semestral break as a student and I know I’m going to miss it once I’m already working, plus I’m kind of bummed about the fact that I did not do anything exciting for the last two weeks.

At the same time, I’m really looking forward to go back to school because I’m excited for graduation! :) Not excited regarding the idea of working 8 hours a day, but I don’t really like to spend a long period of time without a job, so I need to make my game face on then let’s do this! :)

Yes, this is an OOTD post. This shot’s actually too bright because it’s really hard to find a perfect spot to shoot while raining, plus my camera’s really retiring soon. I just posted this photo because I kind of like my legs here. Hihi :D

Keep reading to find out more! :)

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Hues of blue - 10/28/2012

Good evening readers! 

I’m a little fidgety right now because it would be our enrollment tomorrow and I’m really hoping for an appropriate schedule for my last semester (literally crossing my fingers but of course I uncrossed it for a while for typing sake :> ). I am seriously going to take my time comparing subject schedules tomorrow because I would like to finish my OJT as early as possible. We all know that the holiday season is fast approaching and I don’t like my OJT to meddle with my christmas shopping and adventures! HAHAHA Kidding aside, I’m just so tired of going home in the middle of the night because of night classes, and for heaven’s sake, I want to sleep early! :)

By the way, enough of my rants. Here’s my OOTD post for tonight! :)

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Way back - 10/26/2012

Good Morning loves! I know it’s unusual for me to post this early but I’ve decided to just go with it since I was supposed to post this last night, but due to the bipolar weather, our internet connection’s effed up. So there :)

So this is an OOTD post featuring one of my almost-corporate attires :) I wore this top during our thesis defense, (which went well, btw :> ) and I fell in love with it because of its almost sheer type of cloth. Also, the collar’s intricate details portrays daintiness, which is the top’s only design :) The only fallback of this top is that it looks a bit big on me when worn, so again, using my hand stitching skills, I am going to work my magic on it. :)

Read more after the cut! :>

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