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Review: Moringa O2’s Malunggay Herbal Soap - 7/7/2013

Given that our weather’s changing, our skin’s needs are changing too. Sometimes I feel that my skin’s dry so I would use an intensive moisturizing lotion, but other times I feel the opposite. That’s when I realized that it’s not just about my body lotion, it’s also about my soap.

So, FYI I use body wash/ shower gel AND soap everyday. I don’t know why but it kinda feels weird if I use just one. Not that choosy about the body wash, but I change my soap after each variant. I like testing soaps that work best for my skin, sometimes I stick to one when I notice immediate results.

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Product Spotlight: iWhite Korea GlutaBerry White Soap - 5/19/2013

Good Evening loves!

Tonight, I’m sharing my thoughts about iWhite Korea’s GlutaBerry White soap, which I got thru Codename Aya's Giveaway. I was really happy when I saw my name as one of the winners, especially because it was the first update I saw in my news feed that time. I've been an avid fan of her blog and I grabbed the opportunity when I saw that she'll host a giveaway in collaboration with iWhite Korea, which is currently making a name in the beauty industry. 


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Product Spotlight: Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips Talk - 4/21/2013

Good Evening Dearests! 

Tonight, I’m going to show you my take on Etude House’s Dear My Jelly Lips talk lipstick, a part of their Sweet recipe collection for Summer 2013. I know this is a bit late but I’m trying my best to balance review, blog, family and social life. Also, I think it’s best to post this kind of lipstick for tonight since I abstained from wearing lipstick for the past 2 weeks because I’m too lazy to glam myself up due to the number of lessons and topics I need to review to refresh my memory. 

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Product Spotlight: Milcu 2 in 1 Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder - 3/27/2013

Good Evening Readers!

Hello! It’s Holy Wednesday and I’m sure most of you are already out of town or still packing for tomorrow’s trip with your loved ones. :) It’s no brainer that holy week gives us the chance to spend quality time with our family or friends because of the long weekend vacation.

Boracay white sand beach, Family reunion and out of the country escapades are the most common trips I hear every holy week, so what does that mean? Here comes the sun!

Tonight’s post will highlight one product that would help us to stay protected and fresh all throughout the humidity of this weather. Packing your beach or getaway essentials might be hard because of baggage limit, so why not bring something like Milcu? :)


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Product Spotlight: Nyx Round Lipstick Strawberry Milk and Narcissus - 3/22/2013

Good Evening readers!

For tonight, I’ll be swatching 2 of my recent lipstick haul. You all know by now how much I love lipsticks and how picky I am in terms of shade, packaging, most especially coverage, lasting effect and scent. Anyway, I know you’re looking forward for the review so enough of the chitchat. :)

Nyx established a brand in the cosmetics industry a few years back by producing a variety of affordable, young and quality assured makeup abroad. Only recently did Nyx made a name in the Philippines because the brand is not locally available here. There are distributors here and there, mostly online based sellers so those who are exposed to e-Commerce are the ones acquainted to Nyx.

Curiosity made me buy 2 colors from Nyx’s Round Lipstick line. You might be wondering why I chose similar colors when there are a lot of other shades to choose from. The reason behind the 2 similar shades is that at the time I was browsing the shades, I was on the lookout for a really nude pink lipstick. Remember the trend late last year when almost all of the celebrities wore pale pink lipstick? Yeah, that was it. :)

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